May 11

Newquay Carnival Fairy Queen and Carnival Queen Competiton ~Winners

Newquay Carnival Fairy Queen and Carnival Queen Competiton – Scarlet Pearce and Ellie Southwick.  The young man is Dylan Martyn who,for the first time in the Carnival’s history,was chosen to be Newquay Carnival’s Fairy King.Scarlet 2

Scarlet Pearce is 5yrs old and attends Bishops Primary School. She loves all forms of dancing including ballet, contemporary, street and acrobatic. She also loves the ocean and has been surfing since she was 2 and one of her favourite things is family BBQ’s on the beach with her Mum and Dad and baby sister and her best friends. She loves, reading, arts, crafts, dress up and playing with her friends. When she grows Scarlet wants to be a teacher.


Ellie Carnival Queen

Ellie Southwick is 11yrs old and attends Newquay Tretherras Academy.  She loves dancing which she has been doing since the age of 4 and attends 3 classes a week, one of which she assists as a junior teacher, as well as attending an acrobatic class.  she also loves surfing and spending a lot of time at the beach.  She likes doing art and socializing with her friends.


DylanDylan Martyn is 4yrs old and attends Trenance Coral Early Learning Academy.  Dylan is a very happy little boy who loves nothing more than playing with his sisters in the paddling pool or family nights in watching cartoons.  He loves nothing more than playing with cars, he loves all things to do with fire engines and his idol is Fireman Sam.  In fact when asked what he wants to be when he’s bigger his answer was, of course, “a Fireman so I can save people and play with the Fire engine’s lights”.